The C & G collective is founded in the philosophy of balance --
not equilibrium and status quo -- but the balance between: 

disruptive chaos and nurturing stability

freedom and structure

action and reflection

rebellion and revolution.


We recognize the gendered connotations of these terms and reject the dichotomy. 


Science must inform art, and art must inform science. We are not siloed. We believe good art must

respond to and affect cutting edge, interdisciplinary research grounded in decolonized pedagogy. 


C&G Collective produces events, educational arts programs, and artistic experiences that positively
synthesize social justice, community action, and catharsis for all ages.


Our work is informed by the growing field of applied theatre.


Practiced around the world, applied theatre is a general term describing the use of drama in participatory ways and often in non-traditional settings to address social issues. It can be described as the use of theatre as a tool rather than simply as entertainment.